A downloadable KokeshiRun for Windows

KokeshiRun is a party-game runner made under Unreal Engine 4.
Link to our Github Repo

The goal is to go as far as possible, avoiding obstacles. For this you can reduce, grow, fly and split. If you can find the perfect position, you will earn more points!

We were 15 to make this game, A lot of work could not be implemented, but in the end it was a great jam with great people and we are proud to say we made this little game together.

Controls :

2 players -> 1 keyboard

4 players -> 1 keyboard + 1 gamepad

6 players -> 1 keyboard + 2 gamepad

8 players -> 1 keyboard + 3 gamepad

8 players -> 1 keyboard + 4 gamepad

First two players on keyboard
Next on left then right sides of controllers

Q / LeftArrow / LeftButton -> reduce in size

D / RightArrow / RightButton -> increase in size

Z / UpArrow / UpButton -> fly

S / DownArrow / DownButton -> Land

Spacebar / rightCtrl / TriggerButton -> Split in half

Install instructions

Due to UE4 strange behavior, only windows64 build is up, sorry !
Download, unzip and enjoy


KokeshiRun.rar 155 MB

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